Reigning Nosferatu Primogen


Clan Nosferatu

Dressed as a homeless man with a beanie and a scarf covering his face.


Leonardo has led his clan from the earliest days of the Camarilla’s hold on Fort Worth. Even when he resigned from the Primogen council after the Great Betrayal, he continued to lead his clan, withdrawing them all from the light so that they could operate undisturbed.
Leonardo was active in assisting Prince Elisa Browning with retaking control of the city from the Primogen council, and personally oversaw the murder of Brujah Primogen Wilhelm (just before Vampire 1).
Ever the survivor, the leader of the Nosferatu negotiated the future of his clanmates long before the Eater actually arrived. Working with the Scientist Eric Van Hellsing, he ensured that his clan abstained from the battle and remained out of sight for the next month, while the purge occurred.
When the Firstborn rose again (in 2016), he was able to maintain control of his clan when the Nosferatu Firstborn, an elder named Dreichen, attempted to usurp his position.


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