Vivianne Devereaux

Mistress of the mind and heart


Clan Malkavian


Former PC, now an NPC. Played by Liz.

Vivianne Devereaux first came to Fort Worth in 2012, looking for her sire, Jean Chapouliet. She joined a coven to investigate the death of then Brujah Primogen, Wilhelm.
In the last few years, she has been associated with Rabbit, Danny Howlett, Siegfried, Bishop, and many others. At one point, she even blood bound the mage, Alexander Merrick, to her service.
Vivianne was targeted by a Sabbat pack during the Sabbat War of 2015, but was saved from death and diablerie by the timely intervention of her sire. She was in torpir for the better part of a year, but most recently awoke and left Fort Worth with her sire, going to the east coast to recruit new leadership for the city.

Vivianne Devereaux

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